Teacher Terms & Conditions


Washington State Fair, Washington State University, the show management, nor any member of the above named will be responsible for any guaranteed number of participants, nor for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to the teacher or the teacher’s employees or property from any cause whatsoever.


If a teacher is unable to attend Expo, they must email Amy Veneziano at aveneziano@wsu.edu as soon as possible. We may cancel the class, replace it with another class, or teachers can recommend a substitute, if possible. Classes with less than a 10 percent fill rate after one week of registrations may be subject to cancellation. Teachers will be contacted before the class is cancelled to discuss potential options.


Tax will be payable on sales made during the course of the show. To obtain or reactivate UBI numbers call 206-727-5327 or e-mail chucks@dor.wa.gov. Washington state law provides that every person who shall engage in any business for which a tax is imposed under the Revenue Act shall obtain a Certification of Registration from the Department of Revenue. A Temporary Certificate of Registration may be issued to any person who operates a business of temporary nature. These certificates are issued without charge and are valid for the duration of the special event in which you are participating. These may be obtained online or from any office of the Department of Revenue. State law requires that UBI numbers be collected by Expo prior to the show.


  • Topics must be of general public interest in sewing, yarnwork, or other fiber arts. They must support the educational mission of the Sewing & Stitchery Expo. Regardless of type, classes must include demonstration of a technique or provide educational information related to the sewing/textiles industry.
  • Teacher will submit signed and completed IRS Form W-9 to Amy by Dec. 1, 2020. Failure to do so may result in delay or forfeiture of payment.
  • Class time limits will be strictly enforced.
  • Teachers must be associated with a vendor booth. If the teacher does not have their own booth or a relationship with a vendor at the show, they may be placed in our Pop Up Shop, or a connection may be made with a vendor. Please contact Amy for more information.
  • Student contact information provided by Expo should only be used to contact students about their class at the 2021 Expo. If provided, teachers will not add student emails to their mailing lists without student consent.
  • Teachers should return to their vendor booth for the majority of time between classes in order to be available for student engagement.
  • Teachers should be aware of their audio volume in classes, and ensure that noise level from any demonstrations or sound systems will be kept to a minimum and will not interfere with others. Classroom helpers can assist with this task.
  • Classrooms will be tidied after each class to their pre-class condition.
  • If classes are on sewing machines, teachers will work with machine partners to ensure their requirements are met.
  • Submitted class photos and descriptions should belong to the teacher or the vendor they represent. If that is not the case, teacher may forfeit their position at Expo.

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Amy Veneziano
Education Manager